1. What does Flyboat offer to early stage ventures and startups?

Our primary offering is financial model which encapsulates budget tracking, valuation, enhanced accounting & reporting, financial planning. We also provide pitch decks and transaction advisory. We recently started a smart CFO service on retainer which not only includes all of the above but also involves operational support, executive dashboards and reports, strategy making, business health checks, cash flow & working cap management. All our services are tailor made to each startup's requirement.

2. Is every startup today in need of a financial model?

Planning for growth is a continuous process. Due to nature of the exercise, financial model has been a banker's niche offering to large companies. We at Flyboat want to introduce this enhanced offering to startups where planning, budgeting and cash flow calculations become easier than ever. We make flexible financial models that gives entrepreneurs enough toggles to navigate through possible outcomes. The process is thought driven and output is tracked with actual data. All our financial models are GAAP compliant and can also be used for a round of institutional funding.

3. What is so special about your financial models?

Flyboat's management team has past experience working with some of the most reputed Investment Banks in Wall Street. We leverage our global exposure, sector agnostic approach and highest financial analysis standards to give you the best output possible. All this comes at price 70%* lower than what Investment Banks today are charging.

4. Most investors I've contacted only ask for a pitch deck. Why do I need a financial model?

A pitch deck is a visually aesthetic way of better presenting your business plan and financial plan. While business plan is a qualitative articulation of your expansion plans, this should be backed by a robust financial plan. A majority of this is explained in a financial model and makes it a prerequisite for any round of funding.

5. Will you give me funding?

No. We do not take mandates for funding. Even though we very much believe in your idea and line of work, our passion lies in guiding and mentoring.

6. How much time will this take?

We usually finish both model and a pitch deck in 4-8 weeks. In case of an urgent requirement, we take a small premium over our usual fee and finish the exercise in under 2 weeks. The execution time for a financial model is around 40 hours subject to complexity of the business model. We expect entrepreneurs to spend at least 10 hours brainstorming with us on the expansion plans. 

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